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Wrap your mind around a new way

It's truly ultralight and for that it acts and feels well different then what I know people are used to. In this case different is better and with one or two tweaks it could be one of the best packs ever.

The Good: Plenty of room with a separate hydration sleeve. I've got a 3L reservoir but will bet 2L works better. The mesh pocket in front looks to hold plenty and if you maximize all the spaces this can easily go for an overnight or multi-night-Ultralight pack.

The frame less pack is so light, I keep checking that I didn't leave anything behind. I like the way it sits and conforms on my back and even with only a mesh hip belt; the load transfer works well.

The top pocket is all mesh, but I live in the southwest and carry my Manta rain cover just in case. The shoulder straps are similar to what you get on a Manta and that works for me. "Inside out compression straps" are always a huge plus.

The Bad: Removable pad is hard to get in and out with gear and is just enough to cover your hip or as a sitting pad. I would have loved to see a more "fold out" style so I could literally lay out with it.

The Ugly: Side pockets are not worth a damn for a water bottle or most anything medium to large. I'm really shocked that they did not use more of the Exos style pocket on this pack. Or even like the 46l with the pockets going up the entire side. It would have been perfect for it.

This is a pack that If the bigger version (46L) was a bit bigger and/or had a sizable removable pad I think this thing would be awesome and could even replace my Exos 58 one day.

Overall minus the pockets I think this 32l is terrific for everyday use, a day pack, or even for a overnight ultra light trip; It's the only way to go... I totally recommend it but... understand it feels different the way it sits but comfortable.

Wrap your mind around a new way