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Gear Review

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Wow! What a difference!

I took this pack out of the box and immediately noticed that "Electric Yellow" had a very slight greenish tinge to it, and wasn't the thermonuclear yellow depicted in the pictures. I can't say whether I was disappointed or not, but the color has grown on me so I am satisfied.

I loaded it up with a 45� sleeping bag. my 20� fit, but barely. I then added two changes of clothes, full rain gear, a hammock tent, a bevy of camping supplies like a stove, water filter, headlamp, hat, gloves, etc, and it all fit. my first aid and inflatable sleeping pad fit as well, and I put another foam sleeping pad on the outside. I filled a large 48oz Nalgene (the tall one) and stuck it in the bottle holder. It didn't fit, per say, but the bungee cord easily looped across the cap and the whole operation stayed put.

Once it was loaded, I added a DSLR camera and a pair of big headphones, and a spare pair of shoes, and headed to NYC for two days. I walked about 10 miles around the city with the Baltoro on my back over a wool shirt and a fleece. it was about 40-50� and I never got too warm or sweaty.

In fact, I never exerted myself. The dynamic hipbelt and shoulders were a dream! The pack stayed balanced, and I felt like I was carrying the load directly over my center of gravity. It was extremely comfortable for 35lbs. I was sold!

I will update this when I take it into the backcountry next month.