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Gear Review

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Would buy again, and probably will!

Black N' Purple/Grey Plasma Chrome - I got these and they're awesome. I'd imagine other color variations are the same though.

The plastics used on these are nice, doesn't feel cheap, black part is matte, purple part is shiny. Lightweight and don't pinch my head or nose in a weird spot (like most Von Zippers) to where I'll get a headache.

My favorite thing about these sunglasses is that they cover my eyebrows! Not sure if other people hate when their eyebrows show over the rim of sunglasses but I think it looks ridiculous and it's always a risk to buy online, so I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived and I tried them on.

This is my first pair of Electric Riff Raffs, I'm sure when they break or I lose them, I'll buy another pair (did it for years with Smith Domino shades, until they stopped selling them, so I think these will be my new buy-again shades)

Got em on Whiskey Militia for somewhere around $40 Great price, they're worth more.

5 of 5 stars.