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Worth the Splurge

Having purchased both the original Skeletool and the CX (this) version, I'm going to say that shelling out the extra $40 or so is worth it. I absolutely love all of my Leatherman products, but the CX is by far my favorite. This is my do-all, always-on-me, never-leave-home-without-it, might-feel-a-bit-naked-if-I-forget-it-in-the-morning, tool and I will shout its praises from a mountaintop. Like I said in my review of the original Skeletool, if you think that the "bare-bones" of the tool options isn't enough, you most likely need an actual workshop and regular sized tools for what you're trying to do.

This tool is super durable, (generally) lightweight, fits in my pocket easily and unobtrusively, and you shouldn't have any excuse for not buying one. The blades on Leatherman products come sharp as a razor and hold an edge quite well. If you care for it, this product should last a lifetime.

Worth the Splurge