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Worth it

I bought two pairs. Both wound up getting holes in them. This is to be expected of silk products, especially silk this thin. Despite this, I'm in for two MORE pairs -- these are fairly warm, wick moisture really well, and slide smoothly (almost 0 friction; handy especially if you're wearing these within other gloves).

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I wore these once for skiing and the palms starting pilling already.
I also did not think these were very warm, but it could be that my outer glove was the issue (POW Tanto glove, not good for under 40F.

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Certainly there are warmer gloves. However, these are about 1mm thick, so I don't think it's fair to compare them to most other gloves' abilities.

I normally wear these as liners underneath other gloves. Thus, if they get sweaty, I can switch to another pair. While snowboarding, I wear mittens for warmth. When I need to handle things (screwdrivers, phones, etc.), I take the mittens off -- these liners are sufficient for the 5-10 minutes it takes to handle whatever needs handling.