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Gear Review

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Worth The 5 oz!

I have used the Pocket Shower for both work and pleasure. I stayed in the wilderness for a week doing surveys; hiking all day from site to site. Sure I used the lakes up above alpine levels, but once we descended below that elevation I was using this shower. This pocket shower worked great for campsites near streams hardly flowing. We dug a hole in the creek to collect water, filled up the Pocket Shower, and hung it in a tree to warm up. It does take a long time to warm up, but where I was it was warm. A cool shower was welcoming. We were able to rotate two to three people through one full load of water (10L). However, this really depends on the person and how quick/long they want to shower. I tested a full bag to see how long it would last without stopping. The test took approximately 14 minutes for all the water to drain out!
It is very easy to use and you just need to turn one the knob to adjust the water flow. Once emptied, it was simple to put away. It comes with a case that you can just stuff back into. It is very durable and instructions on use are straight forward. This also comes in handy when you have a group of people who are not comfortable stripping down to simply jump in a lake or stream. Simply collect the water, find a spot for privacy, and shower away. Also by using the shower you don’t have to worry about possible contamination of streams or lakes. Worth the 5 oz! Plus you could always use it to hold water in camp for boiling. It holds 10L! Now that I have one, I don’t leave home without it.