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Gear Review

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Worst Ear Buds Ever

I'm going to resist writing this review in ALL CAPS.

These things suck. Like, really suck. You're better off singing to yourself while being active than actually expecting these things to stay in your ear. The slightest movement will bump these things out of your ears, so unless you're sitting at your computer your better off with something else.

Also, the ear bud covers tend to fall off and disappear and you're left with the not-so-ear-friendly plastic piece. Completely uncomfortable and even more difficult to stay in your ear.

Finally, after about two weeks of use the left ear bud went completely silent on me. Sweet. But at least now I only have the ear bud constantly falling out of one of my ears.

Bottom line, you're better off with a pair of gratis headphones from the airlines than these POS.