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Work Horse Champ

I've owned this bag for nearly 2 years and all I can say about this bag are positive remarks.The bag is extremely waterproof. I had a small puddle of water on top of my sleeping bag and the bag was completely warm and a dry while resting on top of the water. The bag is also extremely well rated. I tested it down to 13F outside via instant read thermometer and the bag was bottoming out in comfort. The En lower rating for this bag 12 and the comfort rating is 25F, although. Normally bags are often colder than published, but this bag is very comfortable at high 20's and is acceptable below that. This bag is my 3 season workhorse due to its extreme waterproofing and the weight is fairly light weight due to being stuffed with 600-fill down. I was so impressed by the overall quality and price that I have bought 3 more Sierra Design bags since. I bought it on sale for 220$. Even at full price, its a great waterproof down bag.