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Wool socks are nice :)

This gets mentioned more often in the reviews of the men's version of the sock, so let me bring it up here:If your feet sweat at all, wool is the way to go. I think what happens with cotton is that they make your feet warm, so your feet sweat--bam, now you have wet socks and cold feet.I couldn't believe until I tried these how uncomfortably clammy my feet feel even on mild days in cotton socks. I switched over to wearing these exclusively and you definitely owe it to yourself to give them a try.
What I haven't seen in any other reviews--so take it with a grain of salt--is that these run small. In fact, several of the other smartwool socks I've tried too. I'm a 9 in running shoes so even smaller in dress shoes but I'm definitely better off with the large size. It's not a matter of shrinkage with washing because the larges fit great right out of the box. They're flexible so a smaller size works, but the toes are less roomy and the reinforced part of the heel doesn't reach high enough so they wear a little faster.