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Gear Review

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Wonderful cheep lightweight locker

I always try to have at least two or three more of these than I think I will need clipped to one of my gear loops on any kind of climb that I do. I use them for constructing anchors (I try to use only lockers in my anchor systems), for securing my ATC Guide to the master-point on guide mode when belaying a second, and for securing myself to my anchor (also something which it is best to do with lockers). This biner is small, and the nose does catch on webbing and rope as other reviewers have said, but for me this is more than made up for by its lighter weight and cheeper price. This biner is almost as light as a non-locker, which means that carrying these instead of larger lockers lets me carry a couple of extras; important, because one thing that a climber almost always can use more of in an emergency self-rescue scenario (or any unplanned scenario for that matter) is extra locking carabiners.