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Women's intuition

I bought this on a whim and figured it was light enough and cheap enough, why not just keep it in my pack? Well.... turns out i needed it a few weeks later. What I really need is a new tire, BUT, it is still going strong (as strong as a tire with no tread can go) since I patched a sidewall hole with this TB-2. The pack includes more than one patch, and I'm not sure if they intend you to cut them to size, but I decided the hole I was fixing was small enough to just use half a patch and it's worked fine. The patch is not overly sticky, so if you can clean the area you are patching first, I would recommend it, however I was in the middle of a 12 mile ride and just tried to mash it in there as well as possible and was careful putting the new tube in. I am ordering new tires this week (treads are done), but the patch has been holding solid for a month now.