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Winter mat solution

I led winter trips in Maine for 10 years and always had to carry 2 sleeping pads- foam and thermares- because at -20F the cold just seemed to seep through everything. I had this pad out for a full season and never once found a cold spot or noticed a rough patch of ground. It may be heavier than a three quarter length ultra-light pad, but it is lighter than any two pad combo. Two drawbacks that I noticed... you are WAY up in the air. Compared to a standard thermarest, you feel like you're doing a highwire act. If you're sleeping outside the height is nice to avoid snow/water, but if you're afraid of heights or your girl wants to cuddle from her "short" pad you might have issues. Also, in a BA bag, this pad is so tall that it cuts into some of your snuggle room. With the Pomer Hoit, which is supposed to be snug, I feel a bit claustrophobic, but warm... and sleeping 20 or more days outside at -20, well warm is good.