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Wide Kink, w/Rocker

Are you a fan of the Kink but are looking for something that is just as soft and playful, but with fewer hangups on boxes and rails?

The Crush has moved over from Ride's DFC collection into their regular lineup. The Crush has all of the features that you will find on the Kink, with two additions. The Crush features Ride's lowrize rocker, the board is flat between the binders out past the inserts. Then the tip and tail rocker up 4mm virtually eliminating catching your edges when you're having boxe and rail sessions.

It also features Ride's Membrain topsheet, which is about 1/2 pound lighter than a traditional topsheet. The wide model is intended for a size 11+ snowboard boot, if you're boot size is smaller make sure to check out the regular model.

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if u wear a 11.5 u shouldnt get the reg 156 then? n is the wide harder to maneuver

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Well anything past size 11 is getting a little tight on a reg width board. I have a size 12 boot and I can't fit on anything skinnier than a 255mm waist, unless I want to have my feet rediculously duck'ed out. And the wide board isn't harder to get around, its just a little different feel. The transition from edge to edge is a little slower due to having a wider board,the weight of the deck might be a little heavier, and the flex pattern will be a little different(like if you're used to pressing out a box at a certain angle, it might be a little different angle with a wider deck). But other than that, there is no difference between them