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Why hang your life on cheap draws???

Yes they are a little pricey, but it is easy to see what you are paying for. First thing that stands out is the beefier sling. More meat doesn't always directly equal more strength, but other thinner slings will twist or swing a lot more making clipping harder, and who wants that? There is also some subconscious reassurance to hanging your life on a little more meat... Next is that huge rubber grommet. Other slings are just tighter on one end, still allowing biners to move somewhat. I’ve gone to clip other draws that will remain nameless and the rope side had been completely turned around well bouncing about as I climbed. If it had happened in a more precarious spot, I might have had a major problem on my hands. With the Spirit Express your biner aint going nowhere, hangs solid EVERY time! Moving on to the carabiners, the first thing you notice is color coded biners. This might not be the most techinacl of selling points, but it might be my personal favoret. One color to the rock, one to the rope, how much easier could it get? These biners also have keylock gates which not only make them basically snag proof for clipping and cleaning, I've been told they are also a safer design then the old pin and hook design still used by “other” companies. The old man at REI might have been pulling my leg trying to make a sale, but it worked. I feel hundreds of times better taking a big wipper on one of these bad boys, than any other draw I have in my arsenal. Bottom line is, this is your life we are talking about. Should you really be ok with cheaper protection??? I say "heck" no!

Why hang your life on cheap draws???
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Haha! This pic after the review made me laugh! How NOT to rack up your draws..... SOLD! HAahahaha