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Gear Review

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OK, the Jet-Boil GCS is known for its high performance and efficiency. It boiled 16 ounces of water at 8,200' in about 2 minutes. All components and a small fuel cannister load into the pot for easy packing.

Now for the 'whoops'. I was preparing for my morning coffee with my 2-cup coffee press, pre-ground coffee, Sierra cup, setting up the stove, connecting the fuel bottle and fighting off the mosquitos. I set the pot on the stove, poured the water in, turned on the fuel and pressed the auto-light.

Bingo. Everything worked and coffee was on its way. Oh, but what's that burning plastic smell? Crap! Someone (me) left the lower plastic protector/plate on the pot. The flame melted the lower plastic cover proto and all this black goo went down into the burner system so now just half the burner is 'efficient'. Don't know if those pieces are available from Jet-Boil, but they should be as this design isn't fully idiot proof.

Otherwise - it's excellent.