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Gear Review

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What luck

I work in a profession that requires me to always have a watch with a second hand. After my watch broke a bit more than a year ago (not Nixon), the race was on to find a replacement. For the next few days, I spent my free moments scanning BC's sister websites (S&C, Tramdock, Whiskey, etc), when to my amazement, this watch pops up. I snagged one for half the price and have never looked back. The watch is a solid chunk of metal, and by that, I mean it's heavy. But the weight feels good on my arm and I've received a lot of compliments since the purchase. A few more features would have been nice, and while I paid half, I feel the above listed price is a bit much for just a basic watch. However, this watch is pretty durable. It's seen some "action" and it's still going strong. In terms of casual watches, I would definately consider another Nixon in the future.