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What a stick...

Rode this same board last year and went with the same model this year as well in a smaller size. Neversummer has outdone themselves year after year. If you're someone who enjoys all mountain / park riding this piece of lumber is unreal. In moguls, steeps, and generally choppy terrain this thing is so playful and easy to whip around. The grip is really solid making hard carves and linking turns a breeze. Bombing down the mountain you rarely notice any choppiness. Where this board truly shines is when you really start to have some fun with it. Perfect for jibbing, park riding, and AMAZING for butters. Haven't touched any true ice other than some serious hardpack with this board yet but im willing to bet that its just like last years model which has no issue holding its own on ice. If you're comparing this board to any other, stop now, save yourself some time, and add it to the cart.

-5'11 175lbs
-Size 10 32 Lashed Boots
-Size L Burton Cartel
-155 board

What a stick...
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if im skinny with big feet would u recommend this as an all mountain board?

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eh no, all mountain freestyle since your skinnier but not all mountain, but it can ride just about everywhere

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you really dont need a wide board with a size 10 boot. i ride a normal width 251mm waist width board with a size 11 boot and dont get any heel or toe drag.

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David Rain: Depends on your skill level but only slightly. I would definitely consider it an all mountain board because there's nothing i can't tackle with ease on it. For a beginner the board may be a bit chattery at high speeds over uneven terrain, that's about all.

Patrick: personal preference, attached a pic of fit here.