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Gear Review

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What a deal...

Light, durable and easy to setup, what else can you ask for? Oh yeah, how about CHEAP! Even more awesome...

I have used this for two years now and it has been fantastic in all conditions (never used it in snow). It sets up SUPER fast, especially after you have set it up a few times.

Suggestions for those looking to buy this:

- Get a good waterproofing spray, this is a rule for ALL tents
- Might be a good idea to get a sun guard spray too
- Buy some lightweight stakes, the ones that come with it arent great
- Buy the footprint for this thing so you protect the floor of the tent (I had to buy mine on Amazon since BC doesnt stock it! C'mon BC!)
- Buy a Drysack for it, last thing you want is a wet tent
- DO NOT fold this or any other tent - the last thing you want are folded seams that could become tears down the road; just stuff this puppy in the sack

**NOT recommended for people 6'+ - I am 5'9" and this thing is perfect, my 6'2" brother was cramped**

I would buy this tent again, without a doubt.