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Gear Review

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What a bargain!!

I don't know what Andrew Mclean there is thinking (no offense man), it is NOT the HD wearable camera of choice (but that's just my opinion I guess), that title goes to GoPro (more user friendly, more rugged, better video quality), but for under 150 bucks!?!? Hell yeah! I have a lot of experience with both (contour/ GoPro) in many different arenas, but primarily skiing and snowboarding. The contour is manageable once you figure it out, it's rugged enough for most uses (don't ski in the rain with it folks. You know what, just don't ski in the rain period, it blows), and the video quality is pretty darn good (audio sucks). You can't even get this for 150 bucks at an R.E.I used gear sale, much less $137.99. Get it if you don't have one so you can document your gnarlyness and impress the ladies (or dudes) with your epic adventures. Hell, buy two!!