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What A Scam!

A couple drops of bleach to clean OR clean with baking soda does the same thing!

And chances are you already have that in bulk form at home!

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^ I wouldn't use bleach. I have been using a little baking soda and then lemon juice. Lemon juice is a natural acidic cleaner. Plus if you don't rinse it out all the way you aren't drinking bleach water..but have a slight taste of lemon to your water.

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I used 8 ozs of bleach and rinsed and rinsed . The tube did have lots of black/brown scum in it . When I rinsed it the scum came out like long dark cobwebs . So far I have not been sick . Bleach seems to work for me , although I will try not to leave the Camelbak for 8 months next time . I typically only use it in the summer .

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Mouthwash also works well and tastes good!