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What A Light

If you are not serious about a light, it may be too costly. I have several Petzl Lights and all are A+ for what I expect from them. The Ultra is more than a light it is my partner. When I go on a night search and rescue. I take my light and two battery packs and start the charge once back in the Jeep or if out of the Jeep all night I can make it last on one battery however, at times I do burn through one fast. One situation other searchers were teasing me about being able to land the copter by myself but, after one got a thorn jammed in his hand and his light wasn't bright enough to see the smaller splinters it left to get them out he repiled I was only joking earlier. When we are in the mountains and need brighter light to see tracks for example, they call for me because it is the BEST LIGHT on the mountain. Thank You For Reading.