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Whammy Bar Amazing To Me

Before buying this board I read every reiew made on it and I was truely expecting a good park board thats should strictly stay in the park, but after riding it I have to disagree completely with every review i've read on it. This board can tear it up outside of the park too. In the park it's amazing but outside it does pretty good too. Though it's not the best for all mountain/freestyle riding it still works. I took this thing on the halfpipe and could pull 540's. I do kinda agree that it lacks edge hold but the frostbite edges helped improve it. Plus lack of edge hold is expected on most v-rocker boards. Stability at speed would be my only other complaint. Once I started to pick up speed it felt slightly squirley but I was going insanely fast and as I said before, this board can handle even pipe. That leads me to the conclusion that this board deserves 4 stars. It's a great board only lacking a few things.