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Western Mountaineering is my hero.

I researched and tried out probably twenty 3-season sleeping bags before I found my precioussssss. I'm a warm sleeper, so this is a FULL 3-season bag for me at 30 degrees. Honestly Western is conservative in their temp ratings anyway. Everything about the MegaLite is top notch. The loft amazes me for being so light and compressible, the zipper NEVER snags, and I even like the burgundy color of it (my bag is not straight purple like the picture above, it's burgundy). It has a highly water-resistant shell and with a waterproof compression bag (I suggest Sea to Summit's eVENT) you will have a supremely light, tiny bundle of down goodness you never have to worry about getting wet.What else can I say? Sometimes I pull this baby out of my closet just to look at it cuz it's so beautiful! This is the perfect bag, and my absolute favorite piece of gear.

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What is the maximun compression size with the sea to summit one?

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well... can't say I've measured it, but if you use the small event compression sack you can FULLY compress it down and it's like a really thick waffle (sorry, that's the only thing I can think of comparing it to). A word of caution, though: I must admit that since writing the above review I have become wary of compressing this bag so hard. I can tell that I am killing the loft a lot faster by super-compressing it, and honestly it makes it difficult to pack, too, since it takes an odd shape and is ROCK solid. I've actually started just using the stuff sack included from WM, which fits horizontally into the bottom of my pack perfectly and is highly water resistant as well. The event compression sacks are GREAT, don't get me wrong, but at the same time they're overkill unless you're doing some kind of water activity (like canoeing or rafting). Hope that helps.
Oh and by the way, after a year of use, I still adore my megalite. Best bag ever!