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Well made hat but too hot as a sun hat

When I set out to buy a hat I was looking for something dual purpose...sun and rain. I ordered 3 hats before I found the one that fits the bill as a Sun and rain hat. The 3 hats were The Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero, Mountain Hardware Stimulus Rain Hat, and the Marmot Precip Safari Hat. All these hats are waterproof so they all should perform in the rain well. Water repellent hats were not considered at all for they are not fully waterproof and would not do well in a long down pour. Here's my brief review of each.

The OR is the most expensive of the bunch might be because it was the only one that uses Gore-Tex. It has the strongest rim but is also the heaviest weight hat of the group. It has a great amount of adjust ability so fit can be really adjusted. Even the head band can be finely adjusted to fit your head a little better. The velcro side flaps are ok and I notice when the side rims are attached they pull on the top sides of the hat...not really a problem just makes the hat on my head look funny! It just tugs then and makes them stick out. It is very good as a rain hat probably the best for the rim is the strongest so in a heavy down pour it will hold up better than the others. However because if its weight and Gore-Tex the same cannot be said as a sun hat. It gets far too hot!! Which is too bad because OR used a darker color on the underside of the rim to cut down on reflection and glare. Because of its weight and being too hot in the sun I gave it a 3. If you just want it as a rain hat...I give it a 5 all day! The Rim will make it the best of the group

Next was the Mountain Hardware Stimulus Rain Hat. Lightest of the bunch but very close in weight to the Marmot. The rim is the weakest so in a heavy down put it might not do so well. No one plans on being in a heavy down pour but they happen. And if you are in one with this hat the rim might not hold off the heavy rain very well. The fit was not as good as the does not have a head band adjustment. The color is a stainless/silver like. It is great for heat reflection but the underside of the rim is the same color so it will add glare in the sun. The rim also velcros to the side of the hat just like the OR but doesnt deform as much because the rim isnt nearly as heavy as the OR. There isnt nearly as much adjustment as the OR or the Marmot. This is probably the coolest of the hats in the sun, both from the weight and the color. I didnt care for the fit as much but the one I got was pretty deformed from shipping. It went back. I felt this was my least favorite of the bunch.

The Marmot Precip Safari Hat was my pick. It isnt the heaviest but isnt the lightest either. It has the same amount of adjustments as the OR and is more than a 1/3 the cost. The sides fold up and attach via a magnets. I didnt think I would like this but I really do!! I found this hat to be the perfect fit for rain and sun. It wont handle the real heavy rain like the OR but will do better than the Mountain Hardware. It is cool might be as cool in the sun as the Mountain Hardware and the color I got keeps the reflection and glare down in the sun for the underside of the rim in the color I got is a dark one. It fits me well and looks really nice. Overall this one fit nearly all my requirements. The quality is also excellent, pretty much all the hats were manufactured well so really no complaints in that category.

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Thank You, this answres the question I was in search of; Something other than a cow/girl/boy hat for horsing around; literally.