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Gear Review

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Well... It's a Long Story

There is a lot I could say about these goggles! To start, I've owned the Zeal HD iON's for about half a season and they're definitely awesome! First, the goggles themselves are top notch, slightly too big for my face, but that's my only complaint about the goggles themselves. The mirror lens looks cool and is versatile for different weather (plenty of protection in the sun and good visibility in low light), the straps are durable, and they're not that heavy for a camera goggle. As for the camera, the quality is everything you expect it to be and the preset quality is 720p 60fps "because it's the best." It doesn't capture that much texture or detail in bright light but in other conditions, it's fine!
Bottom Line: If you like the idea of the camera goggles, you're going to love these, Zeal executed them nicely.