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Weekend Hike/Travel Pack

Fits enough gear for an overnight or two, and performs comfortably with 40 lbs when scrambling (as long as you stack the weight near the hipbelt, but thats probably true of all packs) and fits in an overhead compartment when stuffed nearly to capacity. I haven't used it enough yet to make a durability claim but I haven't seen any weak points yet. One thing it lacks is a great deal of pockets, there's compression pockets on each side and the front, and only one hip pocket, but that's a small knock for the quality at the price.

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Not only could it use and extra pocket or two but the small bag on top is a bit too small. Adding to this hassle is the fact that it is only a top loader. So not only is there limited pocket space, but to access anything in the bag, you need to open it all up. This is too large a pack for this. It could definitely do with an access hatch on the front. I've had to resort to sacks and dry bags on the inside to compartmentalize to get to what I need quickly.