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Gear Review

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We Love it - great family board

I never write reviews...but this product has been so great I decided to write a review for the SHUBU. After much research and debate between a blow-up or fiberglass board, we bought the 10'7" Boardworks SHUBU just before Memorial Day weekend and have used it every weekend since. The board has been on Lake Erie in both rough water and smooth water and has performed very well (though better on smooth water). We also brought the board on a House Boat Trip on Lake Norris in TN where 6 families and nearly 20 kids used it from sun up til sun down. Obviously with that many kids and the tight storage on the House Boat, the board got banged around and dragged a bit....but I was never concerned...the rubber construction makes this board really durable and able to withstand much abuse. Also, the accessories (i.e. Backpack) are designed extremely well and make it easy to transport. Finally, when fully inflated to the recommended 14PSI the board performs extremely well and the stability on the water enables us to go out with one of our smaller kids (3 yr old or 5 yr old) on board. Bottom-line, I highly recommend this board for families and/or folks who have tight storage and/or hauling options. My only regret is that I wish I would have bought one sooner!