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We LOVED this bag...but temp rating not accurate

Just got back from an early May road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway (northen to central California section). It was May but temps at night were down in the high 30's, low 40's. We used this bag in conjunction with the Big Agnes insulated air core pads. While we absolutely loved the featured of the bag (the neck baffles are brilliant, easily zips, packs down small and has tons of room for the two of us) we got cold. In fat, we had to position our down coats down the sides of the bad near the zippers (both of us, both sides) and we did sleep in hats and insulated underwear, with sweaters on top. I was disappointed in that aspect and had hoped this bag would have been perfect unzipped at this temp...not sure why we were having trouble in the high 30's, low 40's. We did find the bag had PLENTY of room (two women, 5'-4" each). We did not suffer from cold feet however. Great design on the pads sliding in the back, love the color and build quality. Any ideas on getting a higher temp rating out of this bag?

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I'm considering this bag, but really hate being cold at night. I was wondering if you used additional foam pads between the ground and the pocketed air pads? Is that possibly the difference between the reviewers who were cold, and those who were toasty?

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No we didn't use extra foam pads but thanks for the suggestion :) I think we will give it a try. I also read that possibly the insulated air core pads have a warm side and a cold side? Because of the cut in hole for the air valve one of the pads gets turned over so you wouldn't be able to keep both insulated air core pads on the same side (if that makes sense) or you could but the air valve would push against the upper pocket area.

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No down bag is going to perform up to it's rated temp in an environment as damp as NorCal coast... If that's where you're going to be using your sleeping bag you're probably better off with a synthetic bag.