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Waste of my money

I bought these and they broke in 2 days, the cord ripped right out of the connector. They need to make these more durable.

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I have no idea how you managed to break these or rip the cord out but you must have done something wrong because I've had these for over a year and I have 0 problems with them.

I really like these and I'm only buying a pro-tec with the audioforce ear pads because my only gripe with these is that I have to use the in-line switch to turn the music on/off to listen to someone and I'd rather have the button/volume controls on the earpads themselves which means I have to either have the cord outside my jacket exposed to the elements or constantly zip/unzip my jacket to turn mute/unmute the music when I'm talking to someone.

That being said, I'm buying another RED helmet for my girlfriend and I'm putting my redphones in her helmet so she can listen to music and I have no doubt they will last years as I'm not sitting there grabbing at the cord trying to rip it out of the speaker like you apparently are.

You must have routed the cable wrong or not given it enough slack or just did something irresponsible to damage them and make them stop working. These are very durable and aren't delicate at all so maybe you should take better care of your equipment and it won't break.