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Waste of money

If I wanted to waste money, all that I'd do is put it through my paper shredder, instead of going to Best Buy and getting these. I'm an audiophile, and appritiate high quality sound reproduction, so I guess you could say these headphones aren't for me. But, dont get me wrong, if all you are looking for is a cool looking pair of cans around your neck, all your friends will blindly approve of, then these are the headphones for you. trust me when I say these headphones aren't worth 200 dollars, even remotely. For a rapper can, I'd suggest the Skull Candy Mix Master Mike headphone. Which has astonishingly better sound. Even if they dont look as cool. But any person educated in the world of audio preformance, would just go for a pair of bose, seinnheiser, or any other quality pair of headphones. And not celebrity made ones... Remember all rappers care about is YOUR MONEY. So dont be decived for a second by the cool sleek look of Dr. Dre's beats. He does,t care what they sound like...

In conclusion, I'm not saying these headphones aren't fit for listening, I'm saying they aren't fit for the price tag.

Wouldn't recommend for anyone