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Waste of Money

This two vise unit does not work. You can't access the edges, or run waxing equipment across the base of the ski when it's sunk in the vise. Which is a problem- since there're only two vises, you have to remove each end of the ski from the vise and place it awkwardly on top of the slippery metal part of the vise when it comes time to work on that specific end. Then you have to switch when you get to the other end and so on. I spose one could jerry rig a block into each vise so the platform is more stable when the ski end has to be placed on top of the vise, but then again, I bought this overpriced setup so I could stop dinking around with jerry rigs. Too add to the crap, this vise doesn't even fit all that wide of skis. About 1/3 the length of my Zealots won't even fit in this stupid thing. I'd be completely SOL if I owned the Megawatts. Back to jerry rigging for now. Maybe I'll consider a more traditional 3 unit vise in the future after I get over spending this riduculous amount of money, plus return shipping for such a simple design, or not.