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Waste of 500 dollars - Alpinist 2P Tent

I bought this "expedition tent" to keep us warm and dry. It failed on both those requirements. It was quick & easy to set up under wet conditions. Last month in June, I went camping on the Temperance river in the North Shore, Minnesota. The tent sides got everything wet even after using waterproof ground sheet as the sides at the bottom leaks.

We were freezing all night even with Thermarest mats and down bags. We finally slept after first sunlight as we had stayed awake all night.

No more Marmot tents for me! I am really surprised at the poor quality of this tent after spending 500 dollars and I trusted the market name of Marmot.

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It sounds like part of your problem was using a winter tent in June near a river. Were you freezing because you brought a down bag that got wet? Really just sounds like you used the wrong tools for the job.

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I'm going to have to agree with climbingfo, it sounds like you brought this on the wrong trip. This tent is more like a 4th season, not a 4-season, tent. It shines in high-altiltude, snowy, windy, conditions.

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Pretty sure this guy is a troll, I've seen this review copy and pasted about 5 times now at different websites.