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Wasn't impressed with first impressions

I haven't riden these bindings because I returned them as soon as I took one out of the box. I wanted to replace my union forces for the sole reason that I don't like the toe strap. The burtons, while extreme light, and I mean REALLY REALLY LIGHT, felt very flimsy and cheap. Especially compared to the unions. Im not sure if I'm a fan of the hammock idea either but aside from speculation and feeling them I can't comment on their performance. There was a major design flaw that I can't believe burton even let get to production on these bindings. If you want to set any forward lean, you have to move the high-back all the way back to the closest position to the heel loop, otherwise the adjusting stopper gets jammed between the high-back and heel loop. After moving the highback back to this position I also noticed that when I folded it down, the screws which secured the highjack into place would turn and wiggle. Also the ratchets on my unions feel much more solid. I am going to stick with my forces I think and maybe swap out the toe strap,

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So you didn't like the way they looked without even trying them? I'm sorry, but your review doesn't help at all!

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Cartels. if you want some thing battle tested. Or, don't judge, forum shakas. i own both. cartels lighter. forums tougher, and my preferred. and i agree w/ Nar. you didn't even strap in.