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Warranty is a joke

I've had several pairs of Costas, different styles. They have good optical quality, and some do well at speed without causing your eyes to tear (biking, skiing). That being said, they seem very fragile and prone to breaking. One pair broke when I received the most gentle of hugs. Two other times they broke simply by putting them on. When I contacted Costa for warranty repair, every time they refused to honor their 'lifetime warranty' and charged me to 'warranty' (repair) their product. I am used to and prefer dealing with reputable companies that steadfastly stand behind their goods. I will never buy another Costa product, I'm going back to Ray Ban. Same good optics, real warranty protection!

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This is good info. Interesting that Costa didn't reply. Clearly, their optics are phenomenal but it's all for naught if they don't stand behind their product. Oakley's are U.S. made and they do (or have so far with me) stood behind their glasses. A better policy and I would switch.

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I have two pairs of Costas and am considering a third. The only repair I had was when a spring temple riped out after falling down some stairs. Costa had them repaired in a couple of weeks for $20.