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Warm enough for Montreal winters

I've had this coat for 3 months now and I bought it specifically because I was moving to Montreal, Canada. Don't be fooled by the negative reviews. Provided it is sized properly, if you are not warm in a real Canada Goose jacket (there are plenty of fake ones out there), then I don't think anything will keep you warm. Growing up in Canada, I've had plenty of jackets and this is the warmest I've ever had. Downtown Montreal is a wind tunnel and it gets below 0F. I've been walking 1 hour everyday in the winter and I'm never cold!

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I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I own a Canada Goose Expedition Parka. I absolutely LOVE it and was so impressed with the performance of it, I bought one (identical, except for size) for my husband on Valentine's Day. He was an Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and served in the Arctic. He said this parka "is better constructed and warmer than issue" (meaning that it is warmer than the Canadian Military uses in the North). He also loves his parka, although not the price!

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I loved this parka the first week I received it, especially it was a very harsh winter. But I soon encountered an issue right after the first snow storm: I can feel the cold air coming through the coat from the forearms (which was the second week after I started wearing it). There seemed to form thinner parts around the sleeves right around the joints that were not filled with feathers as I try to feel it. I wonder if it was caused by bending the elbows. It can still keep me warm above 32 degrees, but anything below that I start feeling cold. I was wondering if it is something repairable? What are the steps I should take toward this purpose? Thanks so much.