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Walking on water

These insoles have been miraculous for me. Last year, through training for a half marathon and upping my mileage for a full marathon, I developed severe Plantar Fasciitis in my left heal. I tried pretty much every color of Superfeet and several motion control shoes...all to no avail. Every time I would get it in control and then go for a run it would flair up and I could barely walk the next day. I took a couple months off and really missed running. I picked it back up in February and the faciitis returned quickly. I decided to try the SOLE footbeds out of frustration. I went in with low expectations, but man have I been shocked and awed. I won't say my plantar faciitis is completely gone, but running with these insoles has had a very therapeutic effect and I no longer wake up to my first step out of bed feeling like I stepped on a tent stake. Combined with a moderate motion control shoe, I've been gradually adding more miles each weak with no signs of the severe heal pain. I'm very pleased so far and am very excited to be able to enjoy running again.

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I also developed plantar fasciitis (in both feet). These are the only insoles I can wear and remain relatively pain-free. All others are junk.