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I bought this down coat last year and used it for a variety of activites. From hiking 14ers to a very cold winter in (0 C)Beijing, China - and Ulan Batuur, Mongolia. Positives: Lightweight and packs small and very compact. This coat will keep your body core warm enough for -56 C weather (Mongolia), lounging around a campfire and just extreme cold. If you were to be caught out in the cold and had to emergency bivy, you could do it with this jacket. I've gone in serious cold with this jacket and it has never failed to keep me warm. Negatives: I received this jacket with the pockets lined only on one side of each of the pockets. Both the the cuffs on the sleeve were sewn twisted and therefore makes it an awkward feel. Factory reject? This coat is so warm, it requires pit zips but does not have any. A big downer for anyone requiring the warmth and ventialtion at the same time. When it comes to wind, this coat is thick enough to stop the wind in most places. The wind stopping flap that's supposed to stop the wind wrinkled up, exposing the zipper permanently and rendering it's windstopping abilities almost as soon as i got it. As of date 2 out of the 4 zippers have broken including the main zipper, disabling the complete use of it. Since the first days of receiving this coat, down has continued to puff out of the coat itself. It comes out everywhere and taints my clothing. The thin outer shell is nowhere near to being waterproof and any water/snow soaked this through. Down feathers easily poke through and come out. Being wet makes the downing useless. On a good note, my g/f got a similar mountain hardwear coat with a thicker shell, so maybe they got their act together. I've gone through some detrimental conditions with this coat and the only thing it does well is keep me warm. If you require technical use beyond hitting the city streets get something with better venting.