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Yes, when it's below zero, you'll grab for your mittens, but if you need warmth and some finger dexterity, these are the warmest gloves you'll find.

They are made with a Gore-Tex shell rather than a liner. The only thing I could compare this type of construction to is MHW's Outdry technology. This construction is far far superior to the typical Gore-Tex insert seen in most gloves. You get an actual Gore-Tex shell with taped seams.

The insulation layers are identical to that of the Alti-Mitt. There is more insulation here than in the Alti Gloves, and the construction quality is superior. You get Primaloft on the back of the hand and fleece on the palm side for both the liner and the outer glove.

I bought these at a military supplier (originally designed for US Special Forces) before they were available at sporting goods stores. The cord stopper on my combat urban grey gloves broke, and I sent it into O.R. for repair. They sent me brand new black gloves. Sweet! OR customer service rocks.

These are the WARMEST and best constructed 2-layer gloves on the market. Yes, they are thick. Yes you lose tactile feedback. But you value your fingers in -25C weather with massive windchills. You will likely overheat in these gloves unless it's super-cold. But they work well with a thinner liner.

Buy them. They really do deserve 5 stars despite the steep price.