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Voile Mojo 171 Split Decision

I first tried the split board as a snowboard at kirkwood 5 days ago. Board rode better than I expected. Then I tried the skis, keeping in mind I have only ever skied one time 20 years ago. (I'm a fairly aggresive snowboarder of 12 years). Your experience snowboarding will not make you a skier overnight, I learned immediately. I got off the lift without falling, but man! It was very frustrating at first. O.K., so as open minded as I am, I am a snowboarder, not a skier. I retreated back to my 11 board selection for the day, riding my Nidecker 163 Megalight (I would just love to cut this board in half now because it is light, and a fantastic powder design). The next day, I decided I'd better try the climbing skins to complete my evaluation of this split board. O.K., NOW this is soooooo cool! I had my poles, and just straight launched right up the mountain! WOW! This totally changes everything!I had only back-country rode for the first time on my last excursion in March behind chair 6, also at kirkwood. I very much had the best riding day of my life. (O.K., it was THE best day of my life period, but don't tell my wife) I actually went with a pro skier, Ian Kent, who had climbing skins, and I had no snow shoes, and my Lib-Tech Dark Series with the much loved Magne-traction (another board I'd love to split now, as well as the banana with magne-traction)Sure enough, the Lib-tech was the good call for decending an icy wall coming down north gate near the entrance from the highway. The 6 hour expedition was so incredible after 12 feet of recent snowfall, and 4 fresh feet on the surface. Only one skier had dared put down a fall line, and later there had been no-one before on our route. So addictive! But so exhausting! Ian told me I must have been using 20 times more energy than he was with skis and skins. We timed it. It took me 3 times longer to traverse up steep pow, (untracked) and 2 times longer up medium but boot-tracked trail. I'm looking forward to the 5 times more terrain I'll be riding on future outings, and I'm already planning on hauling a light tent and overnight gear to make an overnight adventure. The hard part is to get someone as crazy as I am that is physically up to such a haul! Thank you folks at Voile for coming up with this one. From reading others reviews, I can see I'm not the only rider who's life is just dandy now because of you guys! God bless you! All the same, I'd like to see your board design improve. Carbon composite would save a pound or so, and have a nice pop, and if you could steal the magne traction off of a Lib-tech, and go banana camber, it would be THE ultimate! Especially for the traverse up with the skins, the banana would skip you up on the surface. By all means, respond to this and tell me what you think. Snowboarders?
P.S. in response to the rude comment below by "gir2464917" check out the photo on my profile of me riding down north gate out of bounds outside of Kirkwood before hitting the highway. Why would I lie? Where's your photos of your action at Kirkwood?

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The splitboard system is only designed for skinning. Do not downhill ski with your splitboards.

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This guy is a total gaper and has no idea what he is talking about!!! Splits are not intended to use as ski's, his other comments about riding backside of 6 to the highway???? there is no highway on backside of 6. just do your self a favor and dont listen to what this jong has to say.

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Darren D again
Can we keep in a positive state of mind, so as to lend credibility to our reviews? First off, this was my review of my very first experience with the split. I didn't even know the split mode was strictly for traversing with skins until I tried it. I had no instruction. I never claimed to be an expert, but perhaps someone will learn from reading this that splits are not for regular skiing, although it was obvious not to be extreme at all right away since there are no release-able bindings. The name of the board being "split-decision" is slightly mis-leading if you have never heard anything about split-boarding as I had not. I was anxious to try the "ski-mode" at first until I understood the concept (took 1 minute to understand) As far as the back country at Kirkwood goes, yes you can get to the highway from the back-country. If you take chair 6 and traverse all the way across the ridge over to the run "North Gate",you can ride down to the highway and walk or hitch-hike. Why would I lie? It was my first time, and I bought a shovel, probe, and beacon like "Skiian Ian" told me to, and we in fact got a ride from the highway from his friend. Watch Ian Kent drop a 127 foot "Hospital Air" on Google. Type "Ian Kent Hospital air". I can post video and photos of me coming down "North Gate" if you think I'm a "jong" (What the hell is a jong?) Ian did tell me not to tell anyone the way to these precious spots so as not to have people with your attitude ever discover them. I liked the other guy's review. Straight, to the point. Sure he gave me a thumbs down, I'm a "split rookie" and know nothing and deserved a thumbs down and a warning to others not to try skiing in split-mode. But please, why only disrespect yourself with the negative attitude? Do you think people will benefit from that? d

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There you have it in my profile, a photo of yours truly snowboarding down north gate in the back country out of bounds from Kirkwood, CA right before getting picked up on the highway. Let's see some photos from "gir2464917" of your riding, and demonstrate your expertise, since you obviously know a lot about the back country at Kirkwood. d