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Gear Review

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Victorinox Ranger

I've had this knife for around 6 years now and its still just as good as the day I bought it. Main knife is hair shaving sharp, small knife is hair splitting sharp. Use it everyday for anything from prying off plastic lids to building shelters out in the bush. The only thing I would omit from this knife is the corkscrew (not a wine drinker), other than that I have, and will continue to use every single function this knife has to offer on a daily basis. Only maitenance I've had to perform is periodically (twice a year) is drop it in a Ziploc bag with some oil in it, and sharpen the knives. Saws are still in excellent shape, although the wood saw has begun to dull near the tip. I tend to opt for the can opener even when electric ones are available. The metal saw works equally as well for stone and plastics. The scissors are adequate but a little small for anything substansial. Chisel is fine for small projects. Reamer is good for anything needing punctured. Parcel carrier is kinda worthless for parcels, but all the other functions more than makes up for it.