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Gear Review

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Very useful

I bought this with some reservations given the gimmicks and gadgets out there in the fishing market. The 1st fish of the day I caught while having this on me just managed to swallow the fly several inches to the point where normally I'd be cutting the line, saying goodbye to the fly, and feeling bad that I'm releasing a fish with a hooked fly half blocking his throat (rusts and works out over time, but still, not the greatest solution). Might have been able to work it out with a hemostat, but not without excessive handling and torque to the fish. With the Ketchum release, I just slide it down the line and effortlessly popped the fly right out with very little fish handling. The fish was in great shape and swam off and the fly was in great condition and reused to catch another shortly thereafter. This now resides on the same retractor as my nippers. Unless you plan on keeping your fish or have the desire to be an absolute minimalist, this is a great tool to have. Highly recommended!