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Very nice but need alot of Air to blow up!!!

I bought this to replace a Prolite 4. I bout the large because I am a bigger guy. Since it is not Self inflating it does take alot of air to blow this thing up. I slept on it and it was comfortable and it packed very compact. That was great, but I just did not like how long and air to blow up. Very nice that is the only complaint.

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The Thermarest product line-up for 2012 now includes 2 options for inflating your NeoAir pad! One is a stuff sack that attaches to your pad's valve and the other is a valve coupling for which you provide a plastic bag. Either way you won't get dizzy trying to inflate your pad. Both pumps are super light and using them will keep moisture out of your mattress, which should also make them a bit warmer, and prolong their years of service. Thermarest has you covered there! Search for "thermarest pump" and breathe easy.

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Considering the function of this is to serve as a full inflatable pad that can be deflated to save space one should have to expect to blow it up. The Prolite line is a different animal altogether, and your logic for deducting two stars doesn't really stand on its own. Just because you didn't think the product's application through does not equate to a tepid review. A two star deduction usually comes at the hand of some malfeasance in the product's performance.

If you want a pad that is moderately self-inflating like any of the Prolite series, then you take a hit on weight and volume. If you want the lightest, most compressible full comfort pad, then you get an inflatable one. Lastly, if you want the lightest and most fail-safe pad, you get a closed cell foam—at the cost of compressibility.