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Gear Review

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Very nice almost every day glove

Bought these because Im a fan of natural materials like wood and leather. The leather they use for these gloves is super soft but you can tell is also durable. With 3 days of skiing and a day of kiteboarding I have to say they are worth the money. They were true to size and did open up a bit throughout the use. I do like my gloves fitted though so if you like a bit more room size up. They were used in Colorado in December to give you an idea of conditions. Lather them up with the balm and you'll be fine I was teaching people to ski and snowboard so you know how much is involved touching snow and taking off and putting on bindings. I could see where the leather got wet because it darkened but never were my hands wet. There was one day these gloves weren't enough and I wish I had something thicker. I have warm hands but it was 20 degrees give or take and the wind was killer so on the lift my fingertips were getting cold. All around these gloves are perfect for me but I had to test them on a cold day and see how they stood up so the coldness was a risk I was willing to take. Durability wise I have a faint scratch on the thumb similar to a thin layer of skin being sliced this was from a freshly sharpened edge. The lighter colors will darken after applying the balm so don't expect the colors to be as vibrant. In the end I would buy another pair.