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Gear Review

4 5

Very good warmth to weight ratio.

To begin with don't be alarmed if you purchase the Nitrous and it sheds a bit. I have ran into this as well, and after a bit of research it is common for the Nitrous to leak down in small amounts over time. One trick that I found is by pulling the feathers back into the jacket from behind, preventing a hole from forming and more down falling out.

To get down to the actual use of the jacket I have worn mine in urban settings, going from the office to the car, as well as on hikes and as a mid insulated layer for snowboarding. It has performed very well in all of these situations, keeping me warm without over heating. I suspect that this is due to the 800 fill down, and very low denier face fabric.

It could do with a slightly heavier duty DWR finish, if you plan on using this as an outer layer, and the missing chest pocket this year is a bummer. I love to have a quick access pocket high up, so I do not need to fully unzip my shell to get to it.

One key feature I felt was really helpful was the inclusion of a two way zip on the lower left pocket. This allows you to stuff the whole jacket into it's pocket, and it even includes a loop to hang the packed jacket from. The contrasting interior color on the blue is very nice as well. With some minor improvements it could earn 5 stars.