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Very disappointing

I was very disappointed with the GPS performance of this device. I picked this unit partly because of the tracking feature. Well, given todays GPS technology, this device performs very poorly. Yes, I know the directions state the unit has to be oriented upward to get good signal, but it is ridiculous how sensitive it seems to be. If you hang it from a pack or put it in a pack pocket, GPS reception is terrible. Even when hand holding it the reception is poor. After poor results I tested it along side my Garmin wrist mounted Forerunner 205 and another handheld I have. The SPOT regularly failed when the other GPS worked fine. So the tracking feature that I though would be cool was really pretty useless. Instead of a reading every 10 minutes as supposed, I would be lucky to just a few over a full day adventure (unless I carried it in my hand with unit oriented correctly - and even then it regularly indicated no signal). If you just want something that can save your life by calling the cavalry in a life or death emergency, I'm guessing it would be a worthwhile purchase. But I selected this unit because of other advertised features and it failed to deliver.

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Mark, Hopefully someone in the know will respond to you. The reviews are all over the map for this, but the low signal issue sure seemed to be a factor with many people in the model I bought in 2011. It is a pretty popular device so I would hope SPOT would listen to these reviews.

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By the way - you might have better luck getting a reply if you post this under "Ask a Question" rather than a response. That way it will be at the top of the list.

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Has this low signal issue been corrected in the newer models (late 2012-2013)?