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Gear Review

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Very Comfy

These were my first climbing shoes, and I now use them for warming up and traversing. They preformed well when I first bought them but once there edge was gone I had to either resole or upgrade to a new shoe... I upgraded. But not to say the Nagos wren't good, they were, and still are. I tend to smear, and use blunt force when I cmilb in these now. My new shoes are the Anansazi Arrowhead and they edge like no other. This led me into the world of teqnique and precision. Now when I climb i don't allways go for the biggest foot holds I see like I had to with these.

I recomend this shoe to beginners, or people looking for a very casual, laid back piece of footwear, that isn't forced onto very difficult routes.

Hope it helps!