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Very Comfy Pack

I bought this for my wife as an early Christmas gift. She loves it! It is about 24 oz heavier than the little pack that she had been using, but the extra weight is from the heavier material and padding and the extra pockets and organizers that this pack has built into it. It is designed to carry moderately heavy loads if needed, but she packs light so her typical pack weight is about 25 lbs for a 3 day trip, and that includes her new Deva 70 pack. Once it was adjusted properly to her body she stated that this pack actually felt lighter than her old Gregory Jade 60 that she was using before, even though it was filled with the same items and the same weight. Not only that, but she has room left over to pack winter clothing if needed.

So far she has only hiked about 20 miles with it during that one 3 day trip, so we can't speak to it's long term durability, but we have no reason to believe that this pack won't prove to be very durable. So far she still loves it and has no complaints at all.

The bottom line is that she is able to carry the same amount of gear with greater comfort and greater organization than her previous pack, despite the extra weight of the pack itself.

For reference, she is 5'3" and weighs about 108 lbs with a 16" torso length. The extra small fits her very well.

Very Comfy Pack