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Very Comfortable/Awesome Fit!

I was initially hesitant to purchase this pack due the price and how much I thought I would use it. I love this pack and would definitely recommend it. I have used this pack almost daily for over a year. My kid loves it and looks forward to getting in it. I believe he likes the view of the world from being up that high. He is secure and comfortable. I use the pack to carry my kid while I walk the dogs. I also use it instead of a stroller around town or for a family walk to the park. I have taken my son up to the Pinnacle along the App. Trail in PA. I use it year round and bundle my son up in the pack down to about 20 degrees for an approximate 20 minute walk (You need to dress your child warmer than yourself for obvious reasons – he/she is sitting still and not getting the exercise of carrying the pack).

For me, the load is very comfortable and stable when you tighten down the load stabilizers. I have tried both the Kelty and the Deuter. The Kelty is okay but the Deuter is much more comfortable and stable/secure. When I first started backpacking, I hiked the Presidentials with a heavy load and a very uncomfortable pack that I returned. I know what a bad pack feels like and this is not one of them. It has a similar feel to a Gregory if you have tried one of those (I have the Baltoro 70).

When I purchased this over a year ago, Backcountry did not have the sun roof/rain cover in stock. My intent was to purchase it later but I have never needed it and do not intend to purchase one. I have not taken my child above tree line. I try to stay in the woods or to limit our sun exposure when out in the open. We also use sun screen and a hat. The only thing I would do different is apply Nikwax Solar Proof when the product is brand new. After over a year of use, I have noticed some fading on the exposed straps and material in the area where my child sits and have recently applied solar proof. My son is now able to walk on his own and his little sister will most likely displace him in about 6 months.

Very Comfortable/Awesome Fit!