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Gear Review

5 5

Versatile and super light-weight

I know everybody loves their tent, but...I really love my tent. Why? It's ROOMY. My husband's 6'2" and he fits. I and three of my friends all fit in this tent. If it's just me, it's a palace. It pitches quick. It's easy to pitch over a variety of ground: bushes or rocks in the way? No problem with this tent. Pitching on granite or sand? No problem with this tent (stake the corners down with rocks). I've pitched it in howling storms: wind doesn't knock it down and rain doesn't get in. Your muddy boots will not soil this tent, 'cause it has no floor. You can set it up high to catch the breeze, or set it up low to keep rain from bouncing in...and when it's raining in the morning, you can pack all your stuff and get ready to roll while still in the tent, then quickly tear it down and go.

The only time I had water inside the tent was when I pitched it on an old roadbed and a thunderstorm broke out...the water could not soak into the compacted soil, and so ran along the surface and into the tent. My fault!

The only time I've experienced condensation inside this tent was when I and three friends (and our gear!) were trapped in it for an entire day of rain at Pt Reyes National Seashore. Then it got a little clammy.

Oh, I almost forgot! All this and only 2lbs in weight.