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Gear Review

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Versatile and Essential

If these are in fact the aluminum-buckled straps described in the specs and not plastic-buckled straps as shown in the photo, they are fantasic. I use them to keep my tele skis together. I strap my tips together when carrying my skis a-frame on my pack. If the tip loop on your skin fails miserably you can use these instead. One time I used them to fasten a ski crampon to my pole to make a makeshift ice axe when I needed one and forgot mine. I make sure I have some in my pack whenever I go out. They're like a reusable burly zip tie they can be used to fasten most anything to something else.

They do stretch a little bit, that's how they fasten and keep things tight, but only a very little bit. Like, my 15" strap stretches by maybe an inch if I really tug on it. Measure and get the size you want, not something shorter.